• Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Spencer + Company offers an in-house relocation services team to assist with a seamless transition into your new space. Upon request, we can provide:

Staff contents move

We will safely and efficiently relocate all your staff and company contents and properly place these items at your new location.

Packing Materials

We will provide you with the necessary packing materials to prepare. Materials can include: moving totes (can be secured), wooden book carts, move labels, bubble wrap, boxes & anti-static poly bags for computers cords.

Staff technology move

We will pack, protect, and relocate your staff computers, phones, and common area electronics. Additionally, disconnect and/or reconnect services are available.

Existing ancillary furniture moves & reconfigures

We can relocate and place your existing furniture in the new space. This would include furniture such as: free standing furniture, shelving, file cabinets, tables, and seating.

Office furniture decommissioning

We have a 4-step sustainable process to repurpose, resell, donate, or recycle remaining furniture. Our goal is to create landfill diversion.

Asset management & offsite storage

We can inventory, track & safely store off site your valuable items.

Contact me for more information.

Shannon Chiodo

Director of Relocation Services

214.478.2410 | s.chiodo@dfwmfs.com

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