General Delivery & Installation Information


MFS delivers in the entire Metro area.

If the product is leaving our warehouse our charges begin when product is loaded and begins its journey. After the product is delivered and recipient signs paperwork your charges end. We charge for "one way" only. The exception is a delivery from MFS to you and a return to our warehouse.

Our Delivery Standards

If product is being picked up at a remote site our charges begin when we arrive at site and end at destination upon completion of placement. There is no charge for 'drive to' if you are within the Metroplex.

All delivery information is recorded on our paperwork as well as any you would provide. Our delivery personnel are trained to have all paperwork signed and dated by responsible parties.


Our installation rates begin when our personnel arrive at site. Our billing ends when our personnel are released upon completion of specified duties, have loaded their equipment, removed trash, etc. and are leaving the site.

We are equipped with qualified, trained and certified personnel. We do not use temporary help for any installations. We have adequate personnel and all equipment necessary to perform any type of furniture installation. We provide a 'laser' for accurate leveling of systems furniture. We clean and make ready for immediate occupancy all products we install - new or used. We provide a supervisor to be at site on the morning after an installation, to make sure the end users are operable. Our supervisors are trained to read and follow blueprints and move schedules.

We are also adept at the moving of conventional furniture and filing systems. We are more than happy to quote moves and relocations as well as reconfigurations. We are in full compliance with the state of Texas insurance repuirements and will provide building management "certificates of insurance" upon request.



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